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- Landscape of Suwałki

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Landscape of Suwałki Region

There is no need to convince anybody of the beauty of Suwałki Region. It is ranked high as an area of picturesque landscape, valuable nature resources and rich history of Poles, Lithuanians, very few Jews, Russians and German settlers who have been inhabiting Suwałki Region for a few centuries.photo: J. Borejszo Suwałki Region is one of the few most beautiful corners of Poland where nature has gathered a lot of various features of the land and created rich plant cover. The geological picture of this region was formed by the Scandinavian glacier which moved four times through the Polish land. The last Baltic glaciation had the biggest influence on the formation of Suwałki-Augustów Lakeland. Continental glacier descended from this area 10 000-12 000 years ago, leaving young and thus distinct lie of the land, photo: J. Borejszowhose configuration is made of plateaus, morainic hills, edges of vast valleys, rich hydrological network with deep river beds and basins of lakes of various shapes. The modern picture of Suwałki Region is created by natural areas similar to primitive ones likefoto: J. Borejszo Augustów Primeval Forest or lakes and river valleys surrounded by forests. On the other hand, its integral part is the cultural landscape shaped by man, where among the forests and meadows hide villages, old little towns and three bigger ones: Suwałki, Augustów and Sejny. All these towns are joined by a network of gravel and asphalt roads, which make it easier to get to any part of this interesting region, be it on foot, by bike or by car. Suwałki Region, so attractive in every season of the year, invites you to come here!

Landscape of Suwałki Region - info

Suwałki Region is worth a visit both for its sightseeing advantages and the beauty of its landscape. Thanks to its post-glacial forms of terrain sculpture, with plateaus, hills, valleys, ravines, river beds and lake basins, the scenery is varied, partly almost piedmont (Suwałki Region) and in the southern part - low and forested. Beneath, we present the most interesting sightseeing sections of roads crossing Suwałki-Augustów Lakeland and vantage coigns.

Scenic roads of Suwałki Region

1. Suwałki - Jeleniewo - Gulbieniszki - Rutka Tartak - Wiżajny (35 km): an extremely scenic road through Jeleniewo Gate, near Cisowa Mountain in Gulbieniszki, along the Szeszupa valley, through the Rowelska valley, Rowelska Mountain hummock (views of the Sudawskie Mountains).
2. Jeleniewo - Szurpiły - Turtul - Błaskowizna (13 km): views of the basin of Szurpiły lakes, Rutka Reserve of Boulders, the Czarna Hańcza valley and Lake Hańcza in Błaskowizna.
3. Jeleniewo - Sidory - Smolniki - Wiżajny (22 km): the Szeszupa valley landscape, Kleszczowiecke lakes, the area of Wiżajny.
4. Jeleniewo - Wołownia - Becejły - Szypliszki (20 km): the Szelmentka valley with Lakes Szelment Wielki and Mały as well as Lake Iłgiel in Becejły.
5. Filipów - Bakałarzewo (8 km): a gravel road in good condition with a view of Lake Garba¶ basin and the Rospuda water gap.
6. Augustów - Studzieniczna - Sucha Rzeczka - Płaska - Mikaszówka - Rygol (31 km): a picturesque driving route, crossing Augustów Primeval Forest along the Augustów Canal. On the route there are very beautiful lakes, sluices on the Augustów Canal, wooden churches in Mikaszówka and Studzieniczna.
7. Wiżajny - Żytkiejmy - Bł±kały - Dubeninki - Gołdap (40 km): an attractive road running across Mazury Garbate along Romincka Primeval Forest. From Bł±kały - about 2 km to the famous viaducts in Stańczyki.

Look-on towers

Gawrychruda (the height on Lake Okr±głe) - view on the southern part of Lake Wigry; Krusznik (the height on Lake Mulaczysko) - landscape of the middle part of Lake Wigry; Stary Folwark (the tower by the road to Leszczewo) - a beautiful view of the northern part of Lake Wigry; Leszczewo (the hill on Lake Pierty) - a view of Lake Pierty and the Wiatrołuża valley; Nowa Wie¶ (towards the Wiatrołuża valley, near the red trail) - landscape of the Maniówka and the Wiatrołuża valleys.
Smolniki (at the entrance to the village) - the view of Kleszczowiecke lakes (Purwin, Kojle, Perty), a forest hummock of Tabaczyzna and Cisowa Mountain; Przełomka (in the area of Leszczynowa Mountain) - view of the southern part of Lake Hańcza and its vicinity. Moreover, there is a look-on tower in the village of Kamionka (near Wiżajny), from which there is a view of Rowelska Valley, Rutka-Tartak and the Szeszupa valley; vantage platform on Jesionowa Mountain onlooking the area of Lakes Szelment Wielki and Mały.

Attractive vantage coigns

AUGUSTÓW REGION: Zamkowa Mountain in Rajgród (a view of Lake Rajgrodzkie); the shore of Lake Necko in Augustów (a view of Lakes Necko and Rospuda); the Bystry Canal outlet (a view of Lake Sajno); the bridge on the outlet of the Sucha Rzeczka (a view of Lake Serwy); the sluice on the Augustów Canal in Paniewo (a view of Lake Krzywe); Lisi Ogon peninsula behind Lipowiec district in Augustów (a view of Lake Białe); the campsite (a rollway) in Przewię· (a view of Lake Białe).
SEJNY REGION: Behind the village of Remieńkiń (vantage Różańcowa Mountain); Kukle and Posejnele villages (views of Lake Pomorze); a road along Radziucie village (Lake Gaładu¶ landscape); Piłokalnia hill near Klejwy (a view of Lakes Szejpiszki and Klejwy); near Jegliniec village (vantage hill Stare Zamczysko).
SUWAŁKI REGION: The road across Matłak and Garba¶ villages (a view of Lake Garba¶); the on-lake road from Supienia to Wólka (Lakes Wysokie and Rospuda landscape); Bachanowo, behind the former school (view of Lake Hańcza); the scarp by the mill in Turtul (a view of the Czarna Hańcza valley); Smolniki, the hill on Wilczy Jar (a view of Lake Jaczno); Zamkowa Mountain near Targowisko village (a view of Szurpilskie lakes); Cisowa Mountain near Gulbieniszki (a view of a big part of -Suwałki Landscape Park); Jesionowa Mountain in Leszczewo (a view of Lakes Szelment Wielki and Mały); the hummock Zamczysko in Osinki (the Kamionka valley landscape); a campsite Jastrzęby (a view of the middle part of Lake Wigry); the Łyse Mountains by Wygorzel bay (Wigry landscape); the terrace of the church in Wigry (a view of the northern part of Lake Wigry and Stary Folwark); the beach of the Polish Tourist and Sight-seeing Association in Stary Folwark (a view of the Wigry monastery).

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