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In the Wigry region

Wigry Region with numerous lakes, rivers and wild forests constitutes one of the most interesting and charming corners of Poland. photo: J. BorejszoNaturalists, tourists and sightseers treasured its unique natural resources, recreational and landscape advantages already in the period of time between the World Wars. It was then that the idea to preserve and protect this land emerged. Yet, still several years had passed before this was realized. In January 1976 Wigry Landscape Park was established. A few years later, in 1989, it was converted into Wigry National Park. It occupies the southern fragments of Eastern Suwałki Lakeland and the northern part of Augustów Plain covered with wild forests of Augustów Primeval Forest. The core point of the Park is Lake Wigry, the biggest lake in Suwałki Region with such wonderful viewes as nowhere else in Europe. The river axis of the Park and the lake is marked by the symbol of Suwałki Region - the Czarna Hańcza River, one of the most attractive canoe routes in Poland. Postglacial layout of the northern part of the Park is distinctly hilly, or one may even say that mountainous. photo: J. BorejszoOn the other hand, the southern part does not have such diversified topographical lie. It is flat, typical of outwash (sandy) surface. Wigry National Park is rich in various water reservoirs. In this area there are more than 40 lakes and picturesque rivers such as the Czarna Hańcza, Wiatrołuża, Kamionka and Maniówka. Wild forests abound in flora and fauna create a natural protection zone of the lakes. The 16 most precious habitats have become protected reserves. Lake Wigry is a dream place for canoeists, sailors and fishermen. On the shores there are holiday villages such as Gawrychruda, Stary Folwark, Bryzgiel and Cimochowizna which were already known before the war. The most valuable monument of architecture situated on Lake Wigry is the Post-Cameldolite monastery built in a village with the same name as the lake. This is the place where Pope John Paul II rested during his pilgrimage to Poland in June 1999.

In the Wigry region - info

The area of Wigry National Park offers very good recreation and relaxation conditions, especially the area on Lake Wigry, where one can find holiday villages like Gawrychruda with Płociczno, Stary Folwark, Bryzgiel, Cimochowizna, which were known already before the war. Across the Park there run well marked hiking and biking trails as well as kayak and riding routes. They enable exploring the most precious natural and scenic corners of this forest-lake country. One can only wander along the appointed trails and public roads - unless with a tour-guide - after having bought the entry card to the Park. They are sold in the Park's office, recreation centers, campsites and with the Park's guards. Wigry Region has a well-developed overnight accommodation and catering facilities.

Accommodation and relaxation facilities

Gawarzec, tel. 563 93 11; Lipniak, tel. 567 51 85; Maćkowa Ruda, tel. 516 42 01; Mikołajewo, tel. 516 44 14

"Bindużka", "Ciemny Las", "Gremzdówka", "Jastrzęby", "Za Szkołą"; and other: Cimochowizna, Gawrychruda, Jeziorki Małe, Krusznik, Rosochaty Róg, Stary Folwark.

The House of Creative Work in Wigry, tel 563 70 18
The Youth Recreation Center in Gawrychruda, tel 563 93 12
The Center of Polish Tourist and Sight- seeing Association in Stary Folwark, tel 563 77 27
The Youth Hostel (PTMS) in Płociczno, tel 563 90 27

"Aga", Stary Folwark 69, tel 563 78 94
"Nad Wigrami", Stary Folwark, tel 563 75 46
"Wigry", Stary Folwark 43, tel 563 78 15
"Dowcień", Burdyniszki 21, tel 563 71 17

Bars: Gawrychruda, Krzywe, Płociczno, Stary Folwark, Wigry
Restaurant "Pod Sieją" (Stary Folwark)
Groceries: Bryzgiel, Gawrychruda, Krzywe, Stary Folwark

The Youth Recreation Center in Gawrychruda
The PTTK Center in Stary Folwark

Qualified tourism in Wigry National Park

1. The green trail around Wigry (49,3 km). The beginning near PTTK Center in Stary Folwark.
2. The red trail (8 km). The beginning near the roundabout of the Suwałki municipal transport services in Krzywe. It leads across Wigry forests to Stary Folwark.
3. The green trail, a roundabout trail from Krzywe, through Leszczewo to Krzywe.
4. The yellow trail from Krzywe to Kaletnik (17,5 km). It runs across the forests of the Wiatrołuża valley.
5. The black trail. The beginning near PTTK Center in Stary Folwark. It leads to the Jatzvingian Cemetery (outside the Park) in Szwajcaria. Its length - 19,8 km.
6. The blue trail from Suwałki (in front of the railway station) to the village Danowskie on Lake Blizno (39,6 km). It leads through the area of Wigry National Park.
7. The red trail (forest) from Wysoki Most through Studziany Las and back to Studziany Las (13,7 km).
8. The red trail from Krusznik on Lake Wigry to Danowskie village (8 km).
9. The blue trail from Giby to the range Węgzał on Lake Wigry (25 km). It runs across fragments of Augustów Primeval Forest (within the area of the Park).

1. Płociczno - Wigry - Stary Folwark - Krzywe (38 km).
2. Suwałki - Mała Huta - Sobolewo - Stary Folwark -Leszczewo - Suwałki (39 km).
3. Bryzgiel - Danowskie - Sttudziany Las - Mikołajewo - Wigry - Stary Folwark (36 km).
4. Gawrychruda - Słupie - Sobolewo - Krzywe (14,6 km).

1. From Stary Folwark, across Lake Wigry, to Gawrychruda (about 35 km).
2. From Stary Folwark to the Czarna Hańcza outlet from Lake Wigry and further along the Czarna Hańcza to the Augustów Canal (60 km).

Fishing in Wigry National Park

In Wigry National Park, fishing is allowed only in the following lakes: Wigry, Pierty, Leszczewek, Omułówek, Czarne near Bryzgiel, Mulaczysko and in the Czarna Hańcza River within the area of the Park (from Czerwony Folwark to Studziany Las). It is prohibited to catch the European catfish, the lavaret, the lake trout and the river trout. Fishing from a boat is allowed from 1st June to 31st October. One can only fish if he has the licence.

Important telephone numbers

Wigry National Park Administration, tel 566 63 22
The Park's tourist information (open 24 hrs), tel 566 63 22
The Center of Tourist Information SIRT tel./fax 566 54 94
Police, tel 997; 566 22 61
Road assistance, tel 566 42 87
PTTK (Suwałki), tel 566 59 61

The Park's Administration address: 16-400 Suwałki, Krzywe 82, tel./fax 566 63 22, e-mail: wigry_pn@su.onet.pl; http://www.wigry.win.pl

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