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The Biebrza valley

There is no other such a unique and exotic place in Europe like the Biebrza valley, extremely vast, streaked with peat bogs, swamps, leafy forests and flood waters. This place is so rare thanks to its natural value and superb scenery.photo: W. Wołkow If you have wandered through this kingdom of peat bogs with islands of dry-ground forests and forest ranges; if you have taken a boat on the flood waters of the Biebrza River and in summer entered a maze of a thousand meanders; and finally if you have been taken in by the beauty of russet sedge meadows and golden birch woods - you will come back here!... In its history, after the Jatzvingian tribe had been destroyed, the proglacial stream valley of the Biebrza River was colonized by Mazovians from the south and by Russians from the east. The northern edges of the river valley were a natural border with the Teutonic Order's country, while its eastern part, together with the whole areaof Suwałki Region, belonged to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The southern ends of the Biebrza valley were controlled by the Polish king. During the partitions of Poland the valley was divided between Prussia and Russia. After the Vienna Congress, the Prussian part was incorporated into the Kingdom of Poland, and the left-bank valley - into the Russian Empire.photo: W. Wołkow During the times of Polish national uprisings and both World Wars this region was famous for the activity of armed resistance movement. That period was filled with fights, battles as well as the pacification and extermination of the local people by the enemy forces. For many years of the Polish People's Republic scientists, sightseers, and all people of good will had been struggling to preserve the Biebrza valley for future generations. Finally, in1989 Biebrza Landscape Park was established, which later in1993 was changed into Biebrza National Park. The northern part of it, situated in the Augustów region, stretches from Lipsk to the place where the Netta and Biebrza Rivers join and to the Red Marsh range. In this way, it constitutes the southern ends of Suwałki Region. Several historical sites with valuable monuments can be found here, for example Rajgród, Lipsk, Sztabin, or Krasnybór. This part of Biebrza National Park is well worth a visit.

The Biebrza valley - info

The southeast edges of Suwałki Region are occupied by the upper Biebrza valley. It is a part of Biebrza National Park (from the Niedˇwiedzica River confluence to the Biebrza). This fragment of Biebrza area is best visited from the town of Lipsk, the commune village of Sztabin, and Rajgród town from where it is easy to get to the biggest reserve in Poland - Czerwone Bagno (the Red Peat-Bog).
It is good to explore the Biebrza valley by car. A road to Lipsk, through Krasnybór, Sztabin, Jaminy and from Dębowo to Goniądz (outside Suwałki Region) crosses Augustów area. Along the valley runs a marked green tourist trail. There are bus connections between the mentioned towns and villages and Augustów. From Białystok via Sztabin there goes the international road E8 to Lithuania (through the border crossing in Budzisko).

Dębowo - the first sluice from the south on the Augustów Canal route, built in 1827. Tel. to the sluice guard: 641 30 27
Jaminy - a big village with an old, parish church. It is the oldest wooden sacral building in Augustów Region, built about 1780. Telephones: the parish - 641 30 16, the post office - 641 30 16
Krasnybór - a village with a Gothic-Renaissance church from the end of the 16th century, which is the oldest sacral monument in Suwałki Region. In the nearby cemetery - cast-iron tombstones from Sztabin ironworks of count Karol Brzostowski, the creator of the so-called Sztabin Republic. Telephones: the parish - 641 40 12, the post office - 641 40 50, the health care center - 641 40 11
Lipsk - a town by the Biebrza, 2700 inhabitants, the seat of the Town and the Commune Council (tel. 642 30 21). A pharmacy and health care center (tel. 642 30 26), Bank Spółdzielczy (tel. 642 30 11), the parish (tel. 642 37 13), the post office (tel. 642 30 48), the police station (tel. 642 30 07), a restaurant "Biebrzanka" (tel. 642 30 17), a watering-place, a campsite and a kayak rental.
Rajgród - a town on Lake Rajgrodzkie, 1700 inhabitants, in the 13th century a Jatzvingian stronghold. Since 1566 - civic rights. A holiday village, the seat of the Town and Commune Council. A good starting point for trips to the middle Biebrza valley, especially to the Czerwone Bagno reserve and Ełk Lakeland. In the town: a pharmacy and health care center, a bank, a police station, a restaurant and hotels "Gród" and "Raj", agrotourist houses, a car service station, a filling station, shops, craft service, water equipment rental.

A green tourist trail (hiking and biking) - Lipsk - Krasnybór - Sztabin - Jaminy - Gabowe Grądy - Białobrzegi - Augustów (78 km).

A kayak route - from Lipsk, along the Biebrza to the junction with the Augustów Canal and next along the Canal to Augustów (88,5 km).

A sightseeing driving route - Augustów - Lipsk - Sztabin - Jaminy - Dębowo sluice - Wrotki - Gabowe Grądy (a village of Old-Believers) - Białobrzegi - Augustów (140 km).

The Park's Administration address:
19-110 Goniądz, Wojska Polskiego 72, tel./fax (086) 272 06 20, tel. 272 06 21

Tourist information center at Goniądz: tel./fax (086) 272 07 85

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