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Augustów Primeval Forest

AUGUSTÓW PRIMEVAL FOREST, once Jatzvingian old woods, is the only area in Suwałki Region so heavily wooded.Photo: J. Borejszo It stretches from the Biebrza valley on Augustów Plain to the southern edges of Eastern Suwałki Lakeland (Sejny Region). It covers a total area of about 160 000 ha, 114 400 ha of which belong to Poland. The rest belongs to Lithuania and Belarus. This is the biggest forested area in Poland, exceptionally attractive in respect of tourist, natural and hunting advantages. Almost all kayak routes of Suwałki Region - along the Czarna Hańcza, Rospuda, Marycha, Blizna and the Augustów Canal - run through Augustów Primeval Forest. Within its borders there is Augustów Lakeland rich in picturesque lakes such as Necko, Rospuda, Białe, Studzieniczne, Sajno and Serwy. They have been very popular with sailors, canoeists and anglers for a long time now. Wigry Region, situated in Augustów Primeval Forest and protected as Wigry National Park, has many lovers as well. The southern edges of the Primeval Forest form a protection zone of Biebrza National Park. The primeval forests are worth visiting because of the advantages of the environment, rich undergrowth, wildlife refuge, flora and fauna reserves, appealing landscape, and places commemorating fights for national independence. Through the forests run many well-marked hiking and biking trails and kayak routes. Photo: K. GrabowskiYou can also travel by car along these asphalt and gravel roads which are opened for public traffic. Till the middle of the 16th century, Augustów Primeval Forest (originally, partly Perstuńska and Przełomska- properties of Polish kings) had been a place of royal hunting for aurochs, bison, deer, wild boar, bear, or wolf. During the next two centuries wood from the forest was shipped to Baltic ports. Moreover, tar, potash, birch tar and charcoal were produced here. Bog ore was used for iron smelting. Bee-keeping developed to large extent. The guards watching over the backwoods, wood-distillers, fishermen and bee-keepers started settlement in the Primeval Forest. This is the reason why there are so many villages dating from the 17th and 18th centuries in Augustów forests, where in summer tourists and holiday-makers can find accommodation and rest.

Augustów Primeval Forest - info

Augustów Primeval Forest is 40 km long and as wide as that. Among wild forests there lies the health resort of Augustów, and in their forelands the town of Suwałki is situated. Deep in the forest and on its fringes there are numerous holiday villages.
Along the western edges of Augustów Primeval Forest runs the international road no. 19 (to the border crossing in Budzisko). Historical tracts, nowadays asphalt roads, run from Augustów across the forest to Lipsk by the Biebrza, along the Augustów Canal and to Sejny via Giby and to the border crossing in Ogrodniki.
The hydrographical network of Augustów forests - the waters of rivers, lakes, the Augustów Canal - offer great canoeing and sailing conditions. On the other hand, well-marked hiking and biking trails allow for exploring the most interesting natural and landscape corners of this forested area.

Holiday villages of Augustów Primeval Forest

On Lake Wigry: Bryzgiel, Gawrychruda, Płociczno, Stary Folwark; along the Augustów Canal: Małowiste, Mikaszówka, Płaska, Serwy, Studzieniczna, Sucha Rzeczka; around Lake Pomorze: Giby, Kukle, Posejnele; near Lake Blizno: Ateny, Danowskie, Kopanica, Walne.

Hiking (and biking) tourist trails

1. Blue trail: Krzywe - Sobolewo - Płociczno - Danowskie (38,8 km).
2. Green trail around Lake Wigry: Stary Folwark - Gawrychruda - Bryzgiel - Zakąty - Mikołajewo - Wigry - Stary Folwark (44,9 km).
3. Blue trail: the range Węgzał - Maćkowa Ruda - Wysoki Most - Jezioraki - Giby - Sejny (35 km).
4. Yellow trail: Augustów - Lake Dusznica - Tobołowo - Sarnetki - Frącki - Mikaszówka (62 km).
5. Green trail along the Augustów Canal: Augustów - Studzieniczna - Płaska - Paniewo - Mikaszówka (39,4 km).
6. Blue trail: Augustów - the range Królowa Woda - the forester's lodge Gruszki - Mikaszówka (55 km).
7. Red trail: Jastrzębna - Krasne - Gruszki - Giby - Berżniki - Sejny (89 km).

Water routes

1. Across Lake Wigry from Gawrychruda to Stary Folwark (28 km)
2. Stary Folwark - Wigry - the Czarna Hańcza - Rygol (88 km)
3. Along the Augustów Canal from Rygol to Augustów (35 km)
4. Augustów - the Augustów Canal - Sucha Rzeczka - Lake Serwy (28 km)

Attention: Canoe trips on the waters of Augustów Primeval Forest are organized by PTTK: in Suwałki (tel./fax 566 79 47), in Augustów (tel. 644 74 69) and tourist agencies in Augustów and Suwałki. Information at SIRT, tel. (087) 566 54 94.

Information about the accommodation in Augustów Primeval Forest

Augustowskie Forum Turystyczne (Augustów Tourist Assembly), Augustów, tel./fax 643 20 21 PTTK branch, Augustów, tel. 643 38 50 Tourist office "Zorb-Tour", Augustów, tel./fax 644 68 33
The Center for Suwałki Region Promotion, Suwałki, tel./fax 565 11 22 Suwałki Chamber of Agriculture and Tourism (SIRT), Suwałki, tel./fax 566 54 94 Suwałki Center of Information "Mewa", Suwałki, tel. 566 69 69
The Society for Sejny and Sejny Region Development, Sejny, tel./fax 5163400 Suwałki Chamber of Agriculture and Tourism (SIRT), Suwałki, tel./fax 566 54 94 Attention: The above centers of tourist information give details of accommodation, they reserve rooms, organize trips, suggest services of tourist agencies working in Augustów and Suwałki.

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