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Romincka Primeval Forest

ROMINCKA PRIMEVAL FOREST, called "Polish taiga", is a true natural treasure. Its unique value lies in its nature typical of northern regions and landscape of postglacial depression. However, it is not flat at all. On the contrary, boggy and peaty valley beds, lake basins, and river valleys are surrounded by moraine and kame hills. photo: J. BorejszoThe height differences in this region reach 200 m. This shows how topographically diversified this area is, which together with severe climate influences flora of the Primeval Forest. Besides pine and spruce forests, dry-ground or alder forests, oak enclave, linden and maple trees, one can find here vast peat bogs covered with spruce-trees. They look like Canadian forests or Siberian taiga. Beavers restored Romincka Primeval Forest its primitive, wild character. Springs, streams and little rivers divided with beaver-dams, turned vast stretches of the forest into ponds and flood waters full of mysterious beauty. It is enriched with a few bigger rivers, especially the Błędzianka and Bludzia Rivers whose banks are worth rambling along. Having entered the Rominckie woods one will never forget his adventure. The Teutonic Commanders, the dukes and kings of the German Empire who used to hunt beast here, knew it very well. Aurochs, bison, and bear would have lived here, while today this is a place where shapely deer, elk, wild boar and wolf have their backwoods. Emperor Wilhelm II had a beautiful hunting palace in Romincka Primeval Forest. Stone blocks bear proper inscriptions commemorating his passion for deer hunting. The Emperor invited aristocracy from all Europe to go on hunts with him.photo: J. Borejszo On the fringes of the forest, in Stańczyki, there are famous railway bridges called "viaducts of the North" (photo on left). Only part of Romincka Primeval Forest belongs to Poland. The border with the Russian Kaliningrad District divides it into two parts. It covers an area of 36 000 ha, out of which 12 000 ha lie on the Polish side. The whole area of the forest (14 620 ha), including its fringes has had the status of Romincka Primeval Forest Landscape Park since 1998. Along its southern border runs the Wiżajny-Gołdap road, which makes it easier to visit this part of Poland. At the same time two well-marked hiking trails run through Rominckie forests. They can also be used for biking and horse-riding.

Romincka Primeval Forest

Romincka Primeval Forest stretches between Żytkiejmy and Gołdap 25 km long. The tourist base of this region is situated in commune villages such as Dubeninki, Przerośl, Wiżajny, and the county town of Gołdap. Along the southern edges of the forest runs a road offering attractive views. From the road, near the village Żyrdziny one can see the so-called Trójstyk - a place where the borders of three countries cross: Poland, Lithuania and Russian Federation (the Kaliningrad District).
Beautiful rivers cross Romincka Primeval Forest: the Błędzianka, Bludzia, Jarka and Żytkiejmska Stream. However, one cannot canoe on them.
On the fringes of the forest there are a few quite big lakes like Pobłędzie, Gołdap, Linówek, Ostrówek. It is easier to visit the forest thanks to two marked hiking, biking and riding trails.
Gołdap is a county town of health and recreation advantages, situated near a border crossing, with 14 000 inhabitants. It offers good accommodation. .

Important addresses and telephone numbers (Gołdap)

- pl. Zwycięstwa 18 615 29 10
- Królewiecka 1 615 01 79
- I. Paderewskiego 9 615 37 88
- Lipowa 2 615 10 55
- pl. Zwycięstwa 16 615 02 89
The Center for Gołdap Promotion, Gołdap, pl. Zwycięstwa 16 615 20 90
House of Culture, Krótka 2 915 08 03
Commune Health Care Center, Przerośl 569 10 08
Car service stations:
- S. Okrzei 14 615 01 11
- Stadionowa 3 615 06 90
Post office: Królewiecka l 615 01 76
Forest Inspectorate: - 1 Maja 3 615 14 21
Police station: - 11 Listopada 1 615 00 27
Polish ishing Association, Partyzantów 23 615 03 29
Hospital: - Słoneczna 7 615 02 75
Commune and Town Council pl. Zwycięstwa 14 615 00 68
Commune Council Dubeninki H. Mereckiego 27 615 81 37
Commune Council Przerośl, Rynek 2 569 l 0 19

Recreation and accommodation facilities

Hotel "Andromeda", W. Reymonta 21 615 07 84
Hotel "Janczas", pl. Zwycięstwa 22 615 13 77
Hotel OHP, Stadionowa 7 615 01 37
Hotel "Garnizonowy", Wolności 9 615 06 65
Recreation Center "Witał", Wczasowa 7 615 16 17
Rehabilitation and Recreation Center MUSI 615 09 65
Boarding house "Zacisze", Stadionowa 3 615 27 99
Youth hostel, Wojska Polskiego 16 615 02 66 Inn "Pod Piekną Górą" near Gołdap 615 00 99
Youth hostel (in the primary school building), Dubeninki 615 81 54
Youth hostel (in the primary school building), Żytkiejmy 615 77 08
Inn "Biały Dwór", Stańczyki 615 81 72

Attention: Information about campsites near Romincka Primeval Forest, about agrotourist houses, trips, catering, room reservations, tourist equipment rental - with tourist agencies in Goł-dap (tel. 615 01 77; 615 21 52; 615 21 28) and Suwałki tourist information: SIRT- tel. 566 54 94 and The Center of Tourist Information in Gołdap, tel. 615 20 90 Tourist trails of Romincka Primeval Forest Red trail (a fragment of a longer trail): Gołdap - Botkuny - Budwiecie - Stańczyki - Pobłędzie - Rakówek (47 km). Green trail: Gołdap - Hajnówek - Romincka Primeval Forest - Stańczyki (36 km).

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