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Rivers of Suwałki Region

Across beautiful hills, valleys, forests and lakes of Suwałki Region landscape run its rivers, the biggest like the Photo: M. MiśCzarna Hańcza, Rospuda, Marycha, Netta, Blizna, smaller but equally beautiful ones like the Szeszupa, Szelmentka, Bludzia, Wigra, Wiatrołuża, as well as dozens of little rivers, springs and streams. The hydrographic network of this region is well-developed, indeed. On the south, the Biebrza River famous for its vast peat bogs and swamps separates Suwałki Region from Podlasie. The hydrographic network of Suwałki Region, created by the last Baltic glaciation from 10 000-12 000 years ago, falls into three sections. For example, the Rospuda, Biebrza and Netta belong to the Vistula River basin; the Czarna Hańcza, Marycha, Szeszupa -to the Neman basin, while the Bludzia and Błędzianka - to the Pregoła basin. Natural beauty of the rivers in this part of Poland is the result of diversified relief of the land. Flowing across morainic hills and plateaus, in deep troughs, the rivers resemble piedmont streams. When they reach outwash valleys and plains they become similar to lowland rivers. Photo: P. MalczewskiSuch advantages make Suwałki-Augustów rivers extremely attractive for canoeists. What emotions are evoked while canoeing on the Rospuda River which crosses nine picturesque lakes! How interesting it is to canoe on the Czarna Hańcza River, which leaving Lake Wigry reaches the wilderness of Augustów Primeval Forest to next join the Augustów Canal! One can get similar emotions by the Marycha River or grumbling along the wild Blizna and the swampy Biebrza. Along the banks of most of the rivers, there run well-marked hiking and biking trails. They make it easier to get to know nature and history of villages and towns lying by these rivers.

Rivers of Suwałki Region - info

Two rivers of Suwałki Region, the Czarna Hańcza and the Rospuda belong to the most famous and attractive kayak routes in the northeast Poland. The Augustów Canal prolongs the Czarna Hańcza route. Less known, although very interesting is the Marycha River route. A real challenge is a canoe trip on the Blizna River. The beautiful landscape of the Biebrza River has many admirers.
Canoe trips on all waterways are organized by numerous tourist agencies not only from Augustów, Sejny or Suwałki but also by the ones from Warsaw, Białystok or Łomża.
By the Czarna Hańcza River and the Augustów Canal, lovers of water sports have at their disposal good campsites and riverside hostels with catering and camping facilities. Individual tourists will find it easy to hire water sports equipment.

Kayak routes of Suwałki Region

The beginning in riverside hostel PTTK in Gawrychruda or in PTTK Center in Stary Folwark, from where, from the Czarna Hańcza outlet from Wigry, the route leads across Augustów Primeval Forest to Rygola, where the river joins the Augustów Canal, which the canoeists take to Augustów. Its length from Gawrychruda to The Sailing Center in Augustów - 125 km.
The beginning of the route near the village of Czarne, from the isthmus between Lake Czarne and Lake Rospuda. The river crosses nine lakes and reaches the tenth, namely Lake Rospuda Augustowska. The route's length from Lake Czarne to the PTTK Sailing Center in Augustów - 76 km.
The beginning of the canoe trip in Sejny from where the river, flowing among meadows and hills, reaches the picturesque Lake Pomorze, and next runs across Augustów Primeval Forest. The end of the 23-km route is in Zelwa, near the border crossing between Lithuania and Poland.
A forest route. Its beginning in Ateny village. From here, after crossing the western end of Lake Blizno, canoeists get to the outlet of the Blizna. Next, across Augustów Primeval Forest to the junction with the Rospuda. The length of the route - 35 km.
A fragment of a longer water route along the southern part of Suwałki Region, from Lipsk to the junction between the Biebrza and the Augustów Canal in Dębowo (53 km). From Dębowo sluice, the route runs along the Augustów Canal to Augustów (34 km). One can also take the Biebrza further, across Biebrza National Park to its outlet to the Narew.

Riverside hostels

Frącki (by the Czarna Hańcza) Gawrychruda (on Wigry) 565 02 60 Gorczyca (by the Augustów Canal) Jałowy Róg (by the Czarna Hańcza) Kukle (riverside hostel "Pomorze") 516 52 93 Serwy (on Lake Serwy) 641 88 35 Swoboda (the route of the Augustów Canal) Wysoki Most (by the Czarna Hańcza)

Attention: on the routes of the Czarna Hańcza, Lake Wigry and the Augustów Canal there are a lot of campsites. In Stary Folwark - a campsite and water equipment rental (tel. 567 07 17).

Canoe trips on waters of Suwałki Region

Tourist Agency "Ecotour", Warszawa, Marszałkowska 84/92, tel. (022) 632 52 71
Tourist Office "Sirocco", Augustów, Zarzecze 5, tel./fax (087) 643 31 18
Active Tourism Office "Kajak", Białystok, Piastowska 17/71, tel. (085) 732 67 88
Branch of PTTK in Augustów, Nadrzeczna 70a, tel. (087) 643 38 50
Branch of PTTK in Suwałki, T. Kościuszki 37, tel./fax (087) 566 79 47
Kayak Rental "Potok", Suwałki, I. Daszyńskiego 9b/13, tel./fax (087)567 24 01

Tourist information

Suwałki Region Promotion Center, Suwałki, Kościuszki 120, tel./fax (087) 565 11 22
Suwałki Chamber of Agriculture and Tourism, Suwałki, T. Kościuszki 45, tel./fax (087)566 54 94

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