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The most precious... The most beautiful...

Between the Biebrza and Netta valleys, an old wild forest called Krasnybór was stretching. Since the beginning of the 16th century it belonged to a mighty house of Chreptowicze. Near the Biebrza they had their hunting house and founded a farm and village Krasnybór in its vicinity. Between 1548-1589 Adam Chreptowicz built an Orthodox church in Krasnybór which he gave to the Basilian monks brought here. It is the oldest and thus the most valuable sacral building of Suwałki Region. Its unique architecture is a combination of the Orthodox-Byzantine and European Gothic styles. The monastery buildings were built by the Basilians on the site of the present presbytery. In the 17th century the monastery was taken over by the Catholic Bernardine monks, and next, since 1684, by the Dominicans who stayed here till 1825. Nowadays, the church in Krasnybór is a branch of the parish in Sztabin. Precious units of its interiors are the 17th century paintings, especially the miraculous picture of the Virgin Mary with Her Child, and the sculpture of the Crucified Christ on the altar in the aisle.
Post-Dominican monastery in Sejny / Photo: K. GrabowskiAnother priceless and beautiful church building in this region is a late-Renaissance monastery in Sejny re-built in the 18th century. Its splendid church (now a basilica) was re-built in the Vilnius Baroque style in 1760. The monastery preserved its character of a defensive castle with corner towers. The interiors of the church have eleven Baroque and Rococo altars with precious paintings. The Gothic case Madonna, one of six such relics in Europe, from the end of the 14th century is of priceless value.
Postcameldolite monastery in Wigry / Photo: K. GrabowskiThe third jewel of sacral architecture in Suwałki Region is the Baroque monastery in Wigry, built between 1694-1745 by the Cameldolite monks. Its picturesque location with beautiful lakes and a church on a hill makes the monastery a real tourist attraction, especially after June 1999, when Pope John Paul II stayed here during his pilgrimage to Poland.

The most precious... The most beautiful... - info

Post-monastic sites in Sejny and Wigry, together with the church in Krasnybór, are not the only precious monuments of sacral architecture. In this area there are many other Roman-Catholic churches of monumental architecture. Of all the timber buildings, one should see churches in such villages as Jaminy near Sztabin (the oldest church in Augustów Region), in Żegary (the oldest church in Sejny from 1793), in Studzieniczna (a church from 1830), in Jeleniewo (a church from 1878), and in Mikaszówka (a church from 1907).
Most brick churches of Suwałki Region date from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries. Among the most precious monuments are the churches from the first half of the 19th century built in the classicist style, like St. Alexander's Church in Suwałki, churches in Filipów, Raczki and Wiżajny.

Krasnybór - a village by the Biebrza, by the local road from Sztabin (8 km) to Lipsk. Next to an old church, one should see the cemetery with old, cast-iron tombstones from Sztabin ironworks of count Karol Brzostowski. In the nearby Sztabin (a commune village) there are: a bank, a bar "Meksyk", a health care center, a police station, a post office, shops, a filling station, Commune Council (tel. 641 20 36)
Telephones in Krasnybór:
Roman Catholic parish 641 40 12
Post office 641 40 50
Health Care Center 641 40 11
Sejny - a county town (see: "Sejny" page)
Wigry - a small village on the Klasztorny Peninsula, with a monumental monastery. Telephones in Wigry: House of Creative Work (recreation center) within the area of the monastery tel./ fax 563 70 18 Roman Catholic parish 563 70 16

Attention: next to the monastery in Wigry, there is a private campsite, and in the nearby Stary Folwark (holiday village) good accommodation and catering service.

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