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Sacral architecture

Photo: J. BorejszoIt is obvious that the Catholic churches of Suwałki, Augustów, and Sejny Regions are places of worship for their congregations. At the same time their architecture is an important element of this region's cultural landscape. The same is true for roadside shrines, wooden and stone crosses and cemeteries. The chapel in Studzieniczna / Photo: K. GrabowskiMost churches in Suwałki Region are built of brick. Those built in the 19th century represent the classicist style typical of that period. Good examples are St. Alexander's church in Suwałki, the church of the Holy Trinity in Raczki, the church of the Transfiguration in Krasnopol, or the church in Raczki. A lot of various church buildings in this region were built at the beginning of the 20th century. Some of them are not in any style, but most of them represent Neo-Gothic. The chcurch in Mikaszówka / Photo: K. GrabowskiThese are the churches in Lipsk, Janówka, Rajgród, Sztabin, Puńsk, and the church of the Holy Heart of Jesus in Augustów. In Becejły, Smolany, Kaletnik, or Przerośl there are a few more modern churches, which except for nice shapes do not have elements of any specific architectural style. Brick churches erected in the last quarter of the 20th century are modern, without any reference to tradition. Such churches can be found in Smolniki, Rutka-Tartak, Płociczno and Kolnica near Studzieniczna. However, they are wooden churches that determine the specific, individual style of this region's architecture. They seem to have been built in the same way as old churches in Lithuania, part of which Suwałki Region used to be.The chcurch in Monkinie / Photo: J. Borejszo The charm, climate and beauty of those buildings are intensified with their interiors strongly connected with folklore and tradition. Very often they were bedecked with deer or elk antlers. To fully appreciate them one must see both the oldest and more recent churches in Jaminy (the end of the 18th c.), Berżniki (1819), Studzieniczna (1847), Mikaszówka (1907), Monkinie (1924) and Podżyliny (1926).

Sacral architecture - info

While exploring Suwałki Region one should pay attention to its sacral architecture and interiors of churches. Many of them are valuable monuments of the past centuries. It is not difficult to reach places where they are situated. Maps available in bookshops will help to find subsequent towns and roads leading to them.

Monumental wooden churches of Suwałki Region

Berżniki - a parish church from 1819 . The parish: tel. 516 28 08
Giby - a parish church from 1912 . (previously - an Orthodox church of Old-Believers in Pogorzelec).The parish: tel. 516 50 74
Jaminy - a parish church from the end of the 18th century. The parish: tel. 641 30 16
Jeleniewo - a parish church from 1878. The parish: tel. 568 30 94
Mikaszówka - a parish church from 1907. The parish: tel. 641 76 07
Monkinie - a parish church from 1924. The parish: tel. 641 00 11
Pawłówka - a parish church from the beginning of the 20th century. The parish: tel. 569 17 94
Podżyliny - a parish church from 1926.

For all these churches, there are still a few more monuments of sacral architecture in Suwałki Region, like the Orthodox church in the Orthodox cemetery in Suwałki from the beginning of the 20th century, the Orthodox church of Old-Believers in Sejneńska street in Suwałki from 1909, the Orthodox church of Old-Believers in the village of Wodziłki from 1921.

Monumental brick churches in Suwałki Region

Filipów - a parish church from 1841. The parish: tel.569 60 97
Karolin - a parish church from 1851. The parish: tel.516 54 07
Krasnopol - a parish church from 1862. The parish: tel. 516 40 56
Puńsk - a parish church from 1881. The parish: tel. 516 11 02
Raczki - a parish church from 1823. The parish: tel. 568 51 22
Suwałki - St. Alexander's parish church from 1829. The parish: tel. 566 27 52
Suwałki - a chapel at the Catholic cemetery from 1854
Wigry - a parish church (previously of the Cameldolite monks from the 18th century). The parish: tel. 563 70 16
Wiżajny - a parish church from 1825. The parish: tel. 568 81 54

Moreover, in Suwałki, there are two brick Orthodox churches which were rebuilt into Roman Catholic churches: the parish church of The Holy Heart of Jesus in Mickiewicza street and of St. Peter and St. Paul in Wojska Polskiego street. Another monument is the Evangelical-Augsburg church from 1841 in Kościuszki street (tel. 566 45 49).

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