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Villages, hamlets and farmhouses...

Sheltered by woods and lakes, villages and hamlets nestle in Suwałki Region. Most of them were built in the 17th century, and the rest during the next hundred years.Adamowizna village / Photo: J. Borejszo Very often these are rather small places consisting only of just a few farms. An exception is the commune villages which used to be little towns. The first villages appeared in places where beaters, wood-distillers, vendors and fishermen had their huts and dug-outs. Later, villages were built on the land obtained after grubbing up primeval forests, usually along trade routes, river valleys and near lakes. Bigger mansions had manor houses and granges around which villages were located, too. Suwałki Region is one of the least populated areas in Poland, however with numerous villages. Some of them, like Bryzgiel, Błaskowizna, Szurpiły and Dzierwany have a compact structure with ranges of close-packed houses along the road. Other villages, like Stary Folwark, Gawrychruda, Smolniki, or Sobolewo consist of many parts. Especially in the Sejny district there are villages of a completely spread-out structure with single farmsteads built on hills or in valleys. Stary Folwark - a holiday village / Photo: J. BorejszoSurrounded by fields and forests, they are a harmonious element of cultural landscape. Wooden structure of villages in this region disappears slowly. Yet, one can still see a lot of houses made of wood, with ornamented porches, shutters and roof hips, as well as barns with decorated gates, sheds with walls made of chipped blocks, or other farm buildings built of clay, husk and cut straw mixture. Roadside crosses, shrines hung on old trees add to this special, tranquil charm of old farms. However, most farm buildings in this region are brick so that they could catch up with new standards of modern agriculture, and give their inhabitants comfort. Many houses which are built in attractive places are included in the offer of agrotourism. Holiday-makers and tourists willingly stay here and enjoy local hospitality, warmth and regional cuisine.

Villages, hamlets and farmhouses... - info

In Suwałki Region there are very few villages, which have preserved their old character with wooden structure of huts, farm buildings made of clay and chipped blocks, so typical of this region. Examples of villages with interesting structure and spatial arrangement, and with huts as old as the beginning of the 19th century are Błaskowizna, Buda Ruska, Cimochowizna, Dzierwany, Hańcza, Laskowskie, Leszczewo, Matłak, Motule, Pogorzelec, Przejma Wielka, Remieńkiń or Rosochaty Róg.

Addresses and telephones of commune councils

Augustów, Wojska Polskiego 51 643 30 56 Bakałarzewo, Rynek 3 569 30 23
Bargłów Kościelny, Augustowska 47 642 40 11
Filipów, Garbaska 2 569 60 81 Giby 516 50 38
Jeleniewo, Słoneczna 3 568 30 22
Krasnopol, Wojska Polskiego 4 516 40 10
Lipsk by the Biebrza, Kościelna 3 642 30 33
Nowinka 641 95 20
Płaska 641 87 76
Przerośl, Rynek 2 569 10 19
Puńsk, A. Mickiewicza 23 516 10 48
Raczki, T. Kościuszki 14 568 59 25
Rutka-Tartak, 3 Maja 13 568 72 56
Sejny, J. Piłsudskiego 25 516 20 48
Suwałki, T. Kościuszki 71 566 21 36
Sztabin, Augustowska 53 641 20 20
Szypliszki, Suwalska 21 568 10 84
Wiżajny, Rynek 1 568 80 27

In all commune towns and villages there are: a post office, a health care center, a police station, a veterinary center, shops, catering facilities and agrotourist houses.

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