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Every national or religious minority arouses interest because of its individual culture and tradition.Old-believers / Archive photo - District Museum in Suwalki Such is the case of Russians who have been living in Suwałki Region for more than two centuries and who are called Old-Believers because of their religion. They are a fraction of the Russian Orthodox Church. In the middle of the 17th century, the Russian Orthodox Church was reformed in order to eradicate the differences between this Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church (Byzantine Church), and to coalesce the sacred books' texts. Especially the second issue was very controversial, and some clergymen and believers objected to any changes. It led to dissent which resulted in consequent cruel persecution -supported by Muscovite Tsars- of the advocates of "old faith", old books, icons and practices. An orthodox church / Photo: J. BorejszoThe persecuted people sought shelter in the most remote corners of Russia, as well as abroad. Among many countries, they found refuge in Lithuania and Poland. In Suwałki Region only, they founded several villages. In the 19th century they moved to Mazurian Region. During the World Wars some of them were deported to Russia, but not all returned to their motherland which resulted in depletion of this community. Presently, not many more than 600 Old-Believers inhabit Suwałki Region. They settled mostly in Gabowe Grądy near Augustów and Wodziłki in Suwałki Landscape Park. In both villages they have their churches, while Suwałki is a seat of the Chief Council of Old-Believers. Already before the war this religion had been officially recognized by Polish government as the Eastern Church of Old-Believers (its present name being: Old Orthodox Pomeranian Church of the Polish Republic).

Old-believers - info

Wodziłki, a village of Old-Believers is 2 km away from the asphalt road from Jeleniewo to Przerośl. From the Szeszupka bus stop there goes a gravel road to Szeszupka (500 m), from where one must head north, following the marks of the red trail.
To find yet another village of Old-Believers, Gabowe Grądy, going along the Augustów - Białystok road, one must turn right in Białobrzegi, heading for Promiski and Dębowo. After 2,5 km, at the crossroad, we turn right and after another 300 m we are in front of an Orthodox church (called molenna) and a cemetery. In the background one will see the road to the village. From Augustów to Gabowe Grądy there runs the green trail (to Lipsk).
The third Orthodox church is situated in Suwałki, in Sejneńska street 21a. Next to it, in the parish building, there is the seat of the Chief Council of Polish Old-Believers (tel. 566 49 92).

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