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- One day in Lithuania

People from big noisy cities have always liked spending their summer holidays in the country. Not so long ago this form of rest was called "holidays under the pear tree". Its modified form, better-organised and with a wider range of services is called agrotourism. Photo: K. GrabowskiAs in the mountain and sea resorts it develops successfully in the northeast Poland, that is in Mazuria and Suwałki Region. Recreation and holiday advantages of Suwałki Region villages have been known for a long time. Already before the war, Becejły on Lake Szelment Mały, Cimochowizna, Stary Folwark and Gawrychruda on Lake Wigry or Smolniki surrounded by Lakes Kleszczowieckie were considered holiday resorts. Also nowadays these villages, considerably extended, with comfortable agroturist private homes and boarding houses are very popular resorts. Other villages of that kind worth mentioning are Ateny, Bryzgiel, Płociczno, Serwy, Płaska, Mikaszówka, Giby, Wiżajny, Burniszki and many more. They are all situated on lakes and surrounded by woods and forests. Photo: K. GrabowskiThey are famous for hospitality and home-made dishes of regional cuisine. Resting on a farm- in the vicinity of fields, meadows, forests and water, in contact with the farmer and animals- is much more valuable than spending holidays in overcrowded health resorts, tourist centers or on noisy beaches. No wonder that agrotourism has more and more followers and has become exceptionally fashionable abroad. Clean air, clear water of lakes and rivers, horse rides, trips in carriages, fishing, boating, quiet bathing places, country trails running through idyllic landscape and encouraging you to take a walk- these are all the holiday attractions of Suwałki Region countryside.

Agrotourism - info

Agrotourism is becoming more and more popular and valued by those who make use of its amenities. No wonder that each year the number of agrotourist facilities and services is increasing. The idea of agrotourism is supported by such local organizations as Suwałki Chamber of Agriculture and Tourism. Moreover, the Northeast Communes Association "Szelment" acts for the development of agrotourism in the commune areas.
So far most numerous agrotourist houses have been situated in East Suwałki Lakeland, in the area stretching from Lake Wigry and Pomorze to the area of Wiżajny.
Agrotourist centers have a good bus connection with the county towns of Suwałki Region - Augustów, Sejny and Suwałki. Farms offering their facilities are equipped with telephones. Most agrotourist houses offer high standard, well-equipped guest rooms and very good food.

Reservation of agrotourist facilities

Suwalska Izba Rolniczo-Turystyczna, 16-400 Suwałki, T. Kościuszki 45 tel./fax (087) 566 54 94; 566 58 72 e-mail: agro@suwalki-turystyka.info.pl www.suwalki-turystyka.info.pl
The Society For Sejny and Sejny Region Development "Ziemia Sejneńska", 16-500 Sejny, J. Piłsudskiego 28, tel./fax (087) 516 34 00

Agrotourist villages of Suwałki Region

Bachanowo, Bakałarzewo, Błaskowizna, Burniszki, Cimochowizna, Danowskie, Folusz, Giby, Grauże Nowe, Gulbieniszki, Jeleniewo (colonies), Kaletnik, Kopanica, Krusznik, Leszczewek, Maćkowa Ruda, Okuniowiec, Płaska, Pobondzie, Potopy, Przejma Wielka, Przerośl, Rowele, Sejwy, Sidory, Stankuny, Stary Folwark, Szurpiły, Tobołowo, Wiżajny, Wiżgóry, Wołownia, Wysokie.
Agrotourist services: organizing walking tours and trips in carriages across the area, horse rides, bonfires, hiring boats, kayaks and yachts, teaching regional cuisine.

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