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- Landscape of Suwałki

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- Suwałki landscape

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- One day in Lithuania
High quality tourism

QUALIFIED TOURISM is the highest form of practicing various types of individual and group tourism like hiking, biking, sailing, horse riding, skiing and so on. It requires practical skills, resourcefulness, experience, physical fitness, versatile knowledge and sightseeing culture. Photo: J. BorejszoSuch tourism can combine sightseeing and recreation values with competitiveness. The advantages of the surface, landscape and nature, service base and recreation facilities of Suwałki Region, its youth hostels, riverside hostels, camp sites, agrotourist houses, water equipment rentals and horse riding centers provide excellent conditions to practice classified tourism. Hiking and biking use about forty well-marked trails of a total length of 1067 km.Photo: J. Borejszo They run across the most beautiful and precious corners of the region and at the same time help to find your way about the area and ski easily in winter. Lovers of water sports appreciate rivers of Suwałki Region. Canoe trips from Lake Wigry along the Czarna Hańcza and the Augustów Canal are rightly one of the most attractive in Poland. Also other rivers like the Photo: J. BorejszoRospuda, Marycha, and Biebrza along which you can sail from Lipsk across the whole Biebrza National Park, have their fans. Another recommendable route is the roundabout trail from Lake Sajno near Augustów, along the Netta River to the place where it joins the Biebrza from where you can go back to Augustów along the Augustów Canal. On the other hand, waters of Lake Wigry and lakes of Augustów are a perfect place for sailing, while forests, meadows and fields - for horse riding. Briefly speaking, Suwałki Region offers conditions in which one can try and test all forms of classified tourism. They are worth using!

High quality tourism - info

Qualified tourism in Poland is mainly the subject of interest of the Polish Tourism and Sightseeing Association. It has its agencies also in Suwałki Region - in Augustów and Suwałki. These branches of the Association, following the statute aims, organize courses for tour guides, mark tourist trails, promote the region (for example by publishing materials about this area), organize bike trips and walking tours, canoe trips and sailing races. Also a few travel agencies and yachting clubs participate in organizing and popularizing classified tourism. Suwałki Region is presented in well-prepared guidebooks and tourist maps, where hiking trails and kayak routes are marked. Across the region, there run about 40 marked trails of a total length of more than 1000 km.

Tourist service

Suwałki branch of PTTK, 16-400 Suwałki, T. Kościuszki 37, tel./fax (087) 566 79 47; tel. 566 59 61. They offer their own accommodation facilities:
- PTTK Center in Stary Folwark, tel. (087) 563 77 27 (youth hostel, canteen, campsite, water equipment rental, car park).
- PTTK Riverside Hostel in Gawrychruda, tel. (087) 563 92 60 (bungalows and campsite).
- The local branch of PTTK organizes: canoe trips on the Czarna Hańcza (group and individual), walking and skiing tours, coach trips and yacht races. They have their own tour guides.
Augustów Branch of PTTK, 16-300 Augustów, Nadrzeczna 70a, tel. (087) 564 38 50. They run the tourist service office, yacht port, water equipment rental (kayaks and sailing boats); they organize: canoe trips, yacht races, walking tours and coach trips. They have their own tour guides.
Active Tourism Office "Kajak", Białystok, Piastowska 17/71, tel. (085) 732 67 88 (canoe trips on rivers of the northeast Poland).
Tourist Office "Sirocco", Augustów, Zarzecze 5a, tel. (087) 643 31 18 (individual and group canoe trips on Suwałki rivers).
Bicycle-hire service "Aga-To", Suwałki, Wojska Polskiego 14a, tel. (087) 644 54 72 (biking tours)
Tourist Enterprise "SZOT", Konwaliowa 2, tel. 644 67 58, fax 643 43 99


Equestrian centers (stud farms)

Białorzeczka near Giby 516 53 51
Płociczno Tartak 567 92 63
Leszczewo (on Lake Szelment Wielki)
Suwałki, W. Reymonta 149 567 47 05
Żarnowo I, nr 35 644 79 97

Sailing centers

Water Club PTTK, Suwałki, T. Kościuszki 37 tel./fax 566 79 47
Interscholastic Sports Center, Stary Folwark 566 30 03
Suwałki Regional Sailing Association, Suwałki, 1 Maja 15 566 65 61

Guidebooks and maps of Suwałki Region

Krzywiccy Katarzyna and Tomasz: Suwalszczyzna, Zaniemenie. Przewodnik. (Suwałki Region. Behind the Neman). Białystok 1999
Baturowie Irena and Wojciech: Po ziemi augustowskiej. Przewodnik dla turysty i wczasowicza. (On Augustów Land. A Guidebook For Tourists and Holidaymakers). Second edition. Suwałki 1997
Batura Wojciech: Szlakami południowej Suwalszczyzny.(On the Southern Suwałki Region Trails). Suwałki 1999 Maciejewski Stefan: Po ziemi suwalskiej. Przewodnik turystyczny. (Across Suwałki Land. A Guidebook). Second edition. Suwałki 1998
Maciejewski Stefan: Rowerem po Suwalszczyˇnie. (Cycling Across Suwałki Region) Suwałki 1995
Maciejewski Stefan: Szlakami północnej Suwalszczyzny. (On the Northern Suwałki Region Trails). Second edition. Suwał-ki (in the press).
Merson Ellen, Borejszo Jarosław: Rowerem po Wigierskim Parku Narodowym. (Cycling Across Wigry National Park). Krzywe 1999
Sokołowski Zbigniew: Województwo białostockie. Przewodnik. (Białystok Province. A Guidebook). Warszawa 1972
Śleszyński Marek: Polska północno-wschodnia. Przewodnik kajakowy. (The Northeast Poland. A Kayak Guidebook). Białystok 1966
Suwałki Region. Tourist map: 1:100000, Warszawa 1998
Suwałki Landscape Park. Tourist and sightseeing map: 1:50000. Second edition. Warszawa 1997
Wigry National Park. Tourist and nature map: 1:45000. Białystok 1999

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