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Have a good hunt

TALLYHO! Traditions of Polish hunting reaching the times of the first Polish kings, are still kept alive. They satisfy Poles' passion for hunting, and because of the action of hunters, help to keep ecological balance in nature, especially among the chase game. Photo: J. KrasnodębskiSuwałki Region- with Augustów Primeval Forest and vast stretches of other forests in the northern part- belongs to significant and attractive hunting grounds of Poland. Here, one can hunt both big and small game and game-fowl. One should remember that in post-Jatzvingian forests, since the 15th century, Lithuanian dukes and Polish kings had been hunting. On Wigry island Grand Duke of Lithuania Witold had his hunting mansion. King Jagiełło and his successors used to come here to hunt for the aurochs, the European bison, the elk, the deer, the bear and the wild boar. King Władysław IV reconstructed that mansion to Photo: J. Krasnodębskimake it more magnificent and comfortable. As we know, the host of the hunting-grounds in Poland is the Polish Hunting Union, whose smaller branches called hunting circles realize its statute aims. These hunting circles organize hunts for their members, as well as for guests from abroad. On the hunting-grounds of Suwałki-Augustów Lakeland they usually shoot the wild boar, the roe-deer, the elk, the deer, the hare, the fox, the badger or the raccoon. The water fowl hunted most often is the fen-duck.

Have a good hunt - info

The Hunting Office "Knieja" in Suwałki and another office constituting part of the National Forests Administration deal with hunting on the grounds of Suwałki Region. These offices help their clients to contact hunting circles which organize hunts for both Polish and foreign hunters, and who take care of them during hunts. They provide hunters with transportation to the hunting grounds, with accommodation and food.

Addresses and telephone numbers of hunting services

"Knieja" Hunting Office, Suwałki, 1 Maja 25 tel./fax (087) 566 57 24
Polish Hunting Association, Regional Office, Suwałki, 1 Maja 25 566 57 24
National Forests Administration, Regional Office, Białystok, Lipowa 51 (085) 652 04 71
Hunting shop, Suwałki,1 Maja 25 566 57 24
Hunting shop, Suwałki, Sejneńska 7 566 33 37
Hunting circle "Batalion", Augustów, Kasztanowa 27 a 643 25 87

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