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Holidays and fishing

Fishing satisfies passion for hunting and at the same time is an active form of relaxation by the water.Photo: J. Borejszo Because Suwałki Region abounds in rivers and lakes, it is a dreamland for amateur fishermen. It is said that you will find fish where you would never expect it to be found, and it must be true to some extent. A good, experienced fisherman knows very well where fishing is good. Anyway, the fishermen who live in Suwałki-Augustów Lakeland are well-informed about fishery resources in individual lakes. They eagerly share their experience with those, who spending holidays in this part of Poland, want to try their luck at fishing. Special guidebooks for fishermen may help explore fishing grounds. The composition of fish species depends on the fertility of lakes and cleanliness and depth of water.Photo: J. Borejszo These features determine the class of fishing-grounds. In Suwałki Region there are the following types of lakes: the European whitefish, the trout and European whitefish, the pike perch and bream, the bream and pike, the tench, the crucian carp lakes and lakes with a mixture of many species. Such lakes as Wigry, Rospuda, Pietry, Garbaś, Białe Filipowskie, Wiżajny, lakes of Augustów, Lake Hołny, Gaładuś and many other smaller lakes have unique fishing, recreation and landscape advantages. One can catch here the lake trout, the pike, the eel and over 200 other species of fish. Many anglers like spending their free time by rivers, with their fishing rods. The Biebrza River, which in her middle-upper section adjoins Suwałki Region, has its lovers. The Czarna Hańcza is still said to be very fishy with the pike, the eel, the perch, as well as the lake trout to catch. So are the Marycha, Netta, Szlamica and Rospuda. So, you are invited to the regions of Hańcza, Wigry and the Rospuda with your fishing rod!

Holidays and fishing - info

The fishing grounds of Suwałki Region have a few owners. The Polish Fishing Association in Suwałki rents most numerous parts of lakes. Fishing companies own a lot of reserviors, while a few smaller ones are hired by private possessors. The host of the waters of Wigry National Park is its administration.
Fishers who wish to go fishing on the waters of the Polish Fishing Association need to buy a license and to be familiar with angling regulations. The payment for fishing on other waters is collected by fishing companies and private owners.

Lakes of the Polish Fishing Association

Augustów county: Blizienko, Blizno, Necko, Rospuda.
Sejny county: Dechłe, Długie, Dowcień, Gaładuś, Gremzdy, Pełele, Sejwy, Żubrowo.
Suwałki county: Białe (of Filipów), Boczne, Bocznel, Bolesty, Czostków, Długie, Gacne, Garbaś, Głębokie, Hańcza, Jemieliste, Kamienne, Koleśne, Kościelne, Krzywe (of Huta), Krzywe (of Przerośl), Marianka I, II, Mauda, Mieruniszki Wielkie and Małe, Okrągłe, Przystajne, Rospuda, Staw Płociczno, Sumowo, Szurpiły, Wysokie.

Attention: bold-typed lakes regard only fishing from the shore.

Fishing in Wigry National Park

In Wigry National Park, fishing is licensed and allowed on the following lakes: Czarne (near Bryzgiel), Czarne (near Gawrychruda), Leszczewek, Mulaczysko, Omułówek, Pierty and Wigry, as well as in the Czarna Hańcza River, in the section from Czerwony Folwark to Studziany Las.

Addresses for fishers

The Polish Fishing Association, 16-400 Suwałki, M. Konopnickiej 10, tel. (087) 566 40 05; 566 36 36
Wigry National Park, Krzywe 82,16-400 Suwałki, tel. (087) 566 63 22 (information available daily, 24hrs.)
The Fry Stocking Center of The Polish Fishing Association, Gawrychruda, tel. 563 90 77

Fishing shops

"Kormoran" Suwałki, Sejneńska 6 566 61 22
"Rex", Suwałki, Krótka 4 563 05 63
Fishing shop, Augustów, Mostowa 24 644 75 85

Reservation of rooms for fishers

SIRT, Suwałki tel./fax (087) 566 54 94
The Society For Sejny and Sejny Region Development "Ziemia Sejneńska", Sejny, tel./fax (087) 516 34 00

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