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Bloodless hunting

Suwałki-Augustów Lakeland, as well as the neighbouring regions of the Biebrza and Mazury Garbate, is a dreamland for both professional and amateur photographers.
Photo: J. Krasnodębski This is why this part of Poland has become an area where famous photographers practice their art. Already before the war Jan Bułhak used to photograph Suwałki Region and Włodzimierz Puchalski organised here "bloodless hunting" after the war. His work was continued by such masters of natural photography as Włodzimierz Łapiński living by Lake Wigry, the author of albums Pojednanie z lasem (Reconciliation with the Forest) and Wielki bór (A Big Forest). Also Wiktor Wołkow from Supra¶l in Knyszyńska Primeval Forest has been "hunting" with his camera in Biebrza Region and Suwałki Region for more than thirty years. He is the author of such albums as Biebrza (The Biebrza), Krzyże (Crosses) and dozens of exhibitions. In the last few years, Darek Karp from Augustów, Jan Krasnodębski from Sejny and younger photographers such as Jarosław Borejszo, Piotr Malczewski, Lech Krzysztofiak and Marek Mi¶ collected a lot of trophies hunting animals with their cameras. Augustów, Romincka, Borecka Primeval Forests and the Biebrza valley are areas of forests, rivers and lakes abound in a variety of animals and plants. Photo: J. KrasnodębskiThey provide unique conditions in which nature can be photographed and where one can hunt with a camera such animals as elk, deer, wolf, beaver, white-tailed eagle, crane, black grouse, wood grouse, dragon fly, butterfly, cockchafer, reptiles and amphibians. One can also take photographs of sunrises and sunsets, mist patches, villages and idyllic landscape. Diversified postglacial lie of Suwałki Region is so attractive, that one is always tempted to preserve all its picturesque corners on a film. Regional photographers from Suwałki, like Stanisław Wo¶, Piotr Bułanow and Ewa Przytuła who are the authors of many exhibitions across the country, know it very well. However, Suwałki Region landscape with its natural beauty is not only for professional photographers. An amateur, tourist, holiday-maker, anyone sensitive to the beauty of nature, anyone who will remember to take his camera on his tour, will find his own paths and things worth photographing. It might be the beginning of a new passion. After all, even the best photographers started as amateurs!

Bloodless hunting - info

The area especially attractive for practicing bloodless hunts is the Biebrza valley with its rich flora and fauna and unique lowland and marshy landscape.
The river floats across the whole area of Biebrza National Park. Paths and marked trails run from the road deep into the valley. A tourist who likes photography will find here campsites, private houses and guest rooms with the Park's administration.
Those who like shooting landscape, will find amazing views and picturesque corners in the northern Suwałki Region. It is easy to find accommodation for one night as well as for a longer period of time. Another area of unquestionable value for photographers of nature is Augustów Primeval Forest, easy to reach on foot, on a bike and to some extent by car or bus.

Photo services

F. Chopina 8a (tel. 567 54 77), Chłodna 8a (tel. 566 36 89); J. Korczaka 2a (tel. 566 51 47); T. Noniewicza 12a (tel. 566 65 49); T. Noniewicza 73 (tel. 565 17 17; A. Patli 3 (tel. 565 54 85); Utrata 2b (tel. 566 76 04).
Hoża 5 (tel. 643 24 66); Mostowa 4 (tel. 643 35 64); 3 Maja 4 (tel. 643 51 33).
¦w. Agata square 6 (tel. 516 24 16).

Accommodation facilities (information)

Tourist Information Center, Augustów tel./fax (087) 643 28 83
Suwałki Region Promotion Center, Suwałki tel./fax (087) 565 11 22
SIRT, Suwałki, tel./fax (087) 566 54 94 566 58 72
The Society For Sejny and Sejny Region Development "Ziemia Sejneńska", Sejny tel./fax (087)5163400
Suwałki Center of Information "Mewa", Suwałki 566 69 69

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