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Holidays in Suwałki Region

Suwałki-Augustów Lakeland is an area where rather little money has been invested in tourism.Photo: S. Maciejewski However, during last few years its recreation base and services developed markedly. The most developed tourist and recreation base awaits tourists in the health resort Augustów, where visitors have at their disposal comfortable tourist centers, hotels, boarding houses and recreation facilities. On the lakes of Augustów and by the Augustów Canal, in Studzieniczna, Serwy, Płaska, Mikaszówka, it is not a problem to find a good tourist home offering tasty food. Every summer a total number of 300 000 people rest here. Although Suwałki Region is not so abound in tourist facilities, the tourist, recreation and gastronomic base develops gradually each year. It refers both to Suwałki and neighbouring holiday resorts like Gawrychruda with Płociczno, Stary Folwark and a bit far-away Smolniki, Becejły, Rutka -Tartak and Wiżajny where agrotourism has been developing successfully. Moreover two luxurious objects are accessible for all tourists. The first is the House of Creative Work and Rest of the Ministry of Culture and Art in Wigry. The other is "Szelment" on Lake Szelment Wielki.Photo: J. Borejszo In the region of Sejny agrotourism has not yet developed very well, concentreted mostly around and in Giby. It is not far away from here to Lake Pomorze where there are a few recreation centers in Posejnele and Zelwa and a comfortable boarding house in Kukle. As for the tourists who visit Suwałki Region taking its hiking trails and kayak routes, they have on their way good camp sites, riverside and youth hostels and cheap accommodation in private houses. Neither buying food nor hiring tourist equipment such as tents, kayaks, bicycles, yachts and even motor boats causes any problems. Stables offer lovers of horse riding their services. Those who like quiet forests, bathing in lakes and beautiful views should decide to rest in Suwałki Region. You are invited!

Holidays in Suwałki Region- info

Holiday tourism in Suwałki Region concentrates mostly in Augustów Region: in Augustów, around Augustów lakes, the Augustów Canal, Lakes Serwy and Blizno; in Sejny Region: near Giby and Lake Pomorze, on Lake Hołny, Gaładuś and in Sejny and Puńsk; in Suwałki Region: around Lake Wigry, on Lakes Hańcza and Krzywe, Rospuda, Wiżajny and near Filipów, Przerośl, Rutka Tartak and Smolniki.
Information about hotel and boarding houses reservation, about recreation centers and agrotourist houses can be obtained at tourist information centers and tourist agencies in Augustów and Suwałki.

Information about accommodation and recreation facilities

Suwałki Region Promotion Center, Suwałki tel./fax 565 11 22
SIRT, Suwałki, tel./fax 566 54 94 566 58 72
The Society For Sejny and Sejny Region Development "Ziemia Sejneńska", Sejny tel./fax 516 34 00
Suwałki Center of Information "Mewa", Suwałki 566 69 69

Suggested hotels

"Delfin", Turystyczna 81 643 27 92 "Dom Nauczyciela", 29 Listopada 9 643 20 21 "Warszawa", Zdrojowa 1 643 36 57 Inn "Staropolski", Armii Krajowej 28 644 70 73
"Dom Nauczyciela", T. Kościuszki 120 tel./fax 566 60 28; 566 62 70 Motel "Private", Polna 9 tel./fax 566 53 62 "Suwalszczyzna", T. Noniewicza tel./fax 565 19 00
"Skarpa", J. Piłsudskiego 13 516 20 65

Renowned recreation centers

"Borki", Augustów, Nadrzeczna 147 643 20 22
"Budowlani" (sanatorium), Augustów, Zdrojowa 3 643 27 43
The Center of The Prosecutor's Department, Przewięˇ 643 24 21
"Serwy", Serwy 644 88 41 "Warszawa", Augustów, Zdrojowa 1 643 36 57
The House of Creative Work, Wigry tel./fax 563 70 18; 563 70 00
Youth Recreation Center, Gawrychruda 563 93 12
"Szelment", Leszczewo near Jeleniewo, tel./fax 568 34 00; 568 32 71
"Nexus", Giby 516 50 43
"Posejnele" (previously of The Radio and TV), Posejnele tel./fax 516 50 02 516 50 16
"Prima", Kukle 516 50 58
"Politechnika", Hołny Mejera 517 22 04

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