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- One day in Lithuania
One day in Lithuania

There is no need to convince anybody that the landscape, history and monuments of Lithuania make this country worth exploring. Two border crossings, in Ogrodniki and Budzisko lead from Suwałki Region to our Lithuanian neighbours. Photo: Z. SłowikowskiCrossing the border is not a problem nowadays. One only needs to have a valid passport an some free time. Even a one- day trip will allow you to see a lot of this country, especially the two most beautiful cities- Kaunas and Vilnius or a well-known resort Druskienniki. You can go on this trip in your own car, by coach or with one of Suwałki travel agencies. They organize one-day and two-day excursions to these cities. If you visit Lithuania and look carefully at its monuments you will notice how well they compose with the scenery and rich nature to create a harmonious cultural landscape. Photo: Z. SłowikowskiSpecial beauty of Vilnius, with its sacral and secular architecture attracts people. It is the common heritage of two nations united by history - Poles and Lithuanians. Lithuanians say, that Kaunas is "the most Lithuanian" city of all. Indeed, it has exceptional charm and atmosphere thanks to its monumental architecture and the location of the city in the river junction of the Neman and Wilia. Druskienniki, on the other hand, near a seaside resort Pałanga, is the biggest and the most popular health resort in Lithuania, visited by Poles for therapeutic reasons. It is only a two-hour journey from Ogrodniki border crossing to Druskienniki. Dear tourist! When you visit Suwałki Region pop into Lithuania for one day and you will not regret it.

One day in Lithuania - info

In summer, Suwałki and Augustów travel agencies often organize bus trips (one-,two,or three-day-long ones) to Lithuania, particularly to Vilnius (including sightseeing of Troki), Kaunas and Druskienniki. The prices are reasonable. The only thing required from tourists is a valid passport. Accommodation, food and tour guide service are included.
It is not difficult to go individually for one-day trips to Lithuania in your own car, or for two days by bus from Suwałki and Sejny to Vilnius and Kaunas, and from Augustów to Vilnius. The journey there and back takes about 8 hours to and from Vilnius, 6 hours to and from Kaunas and 4 hours to and from Druskienniki.

Sightseeing in Vilnius

Trzykrzyska Mountain, Rosa Cemetery, the Old Town (with Ostra Brama, the cathedral, monumental churches, the Museum of Adam Mickiewicz, The University of Vilnius, Gedymin Hill). On the way back, one should see the nearby Troki with a castle of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, surrounded by picturesque lakes.

Sightseeing in Kaunas

A castle, the Town Hall, a cathedral, monumental churches, the House of Perkunas, an Orthodox church, the Museum of Art; next, to the valley of Mickiewicz and to the post-Cameldolite monastery in Pożajście by the so called Kaunas Sea (nice beaches, good bathing places).

Sightseeing in Druskienniki

The cemetery on Lake Druskiennickie, a health resort and park, an Orthodox church and a Catholic one, the Museum of M. K. Ćiurlionis, the Natural Museum (by the road from Mierkinie to Grodno). In a nearby village of Ratnycia (Rotnica) there is a beautiful cemetery with Jan Czeczot's, a friend of Adama Mickiewicz's tomb. Northeast from Druskienniki, in Liszkowo (Liskiava) by the Neman, there are the ruins of a castle and a late Baroque Dominican monastery.

Coach lines to Lithuania

1. Suwałki - Sejny - Kaunas: departures at 15.45 on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays; return at 9.15 (days as above).
2. Sejny - Kaunas: departures at 16.25 (days as above); returns at 8.35 (days as above).
3. Augustów -Suwałki - Sejny - Vilnius: departures at 10.10 on Fridays; returns at 13.30 on Saturdays. Coach information Augustów, Przemysłowa 2 643 36 49 Sejny 516 21 78 Suwałki, Utrata 566 27 63

Visiting Lithuania with travel agencies

Tourist and Service Agency "Groma Tour", Suwałki, T. Kościuszki 84, tel./fax 566 27 04
Travel Office "Agro-Universal", Suwałki, Chłodna 12, tel./fax 566 54 95
Travel Office "Agro-Universal", Augustów, Kopernika 4, tel. 643 47 40
Tourist Company "Wigry", Suwałki, T. Kościuszki 84, tel./fax 566 32 89
Tourist Service Agency "TAU", Suwałki, Chłodna 16, tel./fax 566 69 35
Tourist Agency "Trans Lech", Suwałki, Noniewicza 93 b, tel./fax 565 31 77

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